Award-winning architecture

Grand Hotel Terminus was designed by the architects Fredrik Arnesen and Arthur Darre Kårbø, and opened in 1928. One year later, it was awarded the prestigious Houens Fonds Diplom for its architecture. As work colleagues, Arnesen and Darre Kårbø were inseparable, and have put their signature on numerous distinct buildings both in Bergen and at other locations, such as Northern Norway. They switched effortlessly between different styles – from baroque to classicism and functionalism. Bergen Privatbank, the impressive granite building at Torgalmenningen, is one of their achievements. Arnesen and Darre Kårbø are also behind Svaneapoteket and Bergen Folkehotell (today Hotel Rosenkrantz) – the latter built to alleviate the lack of accommodation in Bergen after the fire in 1916. With Nøstehjørnet and Lysverket’s towering building in Bergen city centre, Arnesen and Darre Kårbø proved their aptitude for functionalism as well. Aud Hunskår, in collaboration with Ragnhild B. Smørås, has over the past few years been responsible for design and interior at Grand Hotel Terminus. She is also behind the award-winning original intarsia doors created for Hotel Augustin.