Green meetings

Certified providers of the Norwegian equivalent of Green Meetings

Green Meetings

In December 2015, Grand Hotel Terminus and Augustin Hotel became certified providers of the Norwegian equivalent of Green Meetings!

The certification is awarded by the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation, and entitles the approved entity to offer green meetings with menus in line with WWF’s seafood guide, with organic food, and with limited use of meat. Those wishing to book a green meeting are themselves required to hold environmental certification, or provide documentation that a process to obtain this has been initiated.

Green Meetings

The industry standard “Green Meetings” was launched in 2012 with Eco-Lighthouse certified hotels as the target group. It is a more comprehensive concept than the conventional “eco-friendly” conferences. Those wishing to book Green Meetings will themselves have to hold environmental certification, or provide documentation that a process to obtain this has been initiated. The supplier (hotel) and the booking entity (customer) will thus demand more from each other.

This collaboration between hotel and customer aims to reduce the impact on climate and the environment. We encourage all delegates to use public transport or bicycle. Using public transport, and also staying with us, will minimise the environmental footprint. Both our hotels are in a central location in Bergen, and are within easy reach regardless of the means of transport used. A green-meeting checklist has to be completed in advance to ensure that the requirements are met (button below – Norwegian only). 


Augustin was awarded Eco-Lighthouse certification in 2001. By switching from oil-fired to district heating in 2016, we have reduced emissions in Bergen city centre with several tonnes annually. We have identified and removed all types of disposable articles, reduced our waste, and increased our recycling. Furthermore, we have invested in a central management system and have significantly reduced our energy consumption. Old furniture has been restored instead of being replaced with new. We use eco-labelled products for cleaning and in our daily operation, and organic products form a natural part of our breakfast. The food served is mainly based on local produce, and is of course made from scratch by our eminent kitchen team. As our guest, you can use our city bikes free of charge and move around in a manner that is healthy for you as well as the environment.

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